Monday, December 14, 2009

South London renovated house

It's fascinating what you can do and achieve when you put some effort in decorating your house. In my daily "walk" at Apartment Therapy I found this really sweet house in South London. the few times I'v seen a London house in Apartment Therapy I'm so excited, an this time ever more! it's a full house tour (full full!) and it's the cutest ever. The owner has been living there since she was born, it has been renovated and redecorated, and it's colorful and powerful, with skandinavian inspirations, Eames chairs, vintage finds and other bits and bobs. The house was already featured in a deco magazine in the 70's! I love the home office with all the cushions stacked on the shelf and the pretty kid's room with Babar's poster!
Enjoy! I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

BTW, Beth, the owner, also runs a shop in Etsy where she sells hand made cushions from vintage fabrics she collects. Pretty pretty.


  1. I love the scandinavian style. This is a good example of what you can do with a few ideas, design furniture and a visit to Ikea ;)

  2. This house is lovely. I'd quite happily move in there...

  3. Thanks for your comment :) It's great to get to know another blogger from the UK! Yeah you should definitely visit Aram Store - just don't be too upset if you don't end up buying anything! It's great to look at but so expensive :) I usually come away with one of their catalogues and feel satisfied with my day of shopping lol.

  4. Me encanta este estilo!empezando por las casas con sus amplias ventanas, puertas blancas, techos altos, suelos cálidos...y terminando con la deco interior..quiero una casa asi!!!!;)


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