Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Show Home

Channel 4 has many TV programs dedicated to homes and gardens, one of them is The Show Home, where a well known architect and interior designer, George Clarke, re-decorates a home, known story I know, only difference -I think, is that the owners do pay the bill, aka they give the show a budget to work with and they take it from there. Anyway, I have only seen it a couple of time but I was impressed with one of the makeovers. A flat in Maida Vale, London. A bachelor flat completely redesigned to fit a beautiful couple. Check the images below. I loved almost everything and went crazy for this vintage London buses signs :) This is not only about decoration, here they re-built the whole apartment, moving the kitchen, the bathrooms and changing the whole layout to make it comfortable and logical. 
I am sure some people will find it bland and cold but it has this minimalist vibe that many people like and there is a gorgeous roof terrae with amazing views over west London, so enjoy.

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