Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sapiens Bookcase, I need it!

I want to get several pieces for my flat, on of these is the Sapiens bookcase, I think it's so smart and contemporary,it's there, you can fill it and takes minimal space and that's exactly what I need. A easy piece that will solve my book storage problem. I have a bookcase from Ikea under the stairs but is now full and I'm struggling with the storage issue. The Sapiens is all over the web, in blogs, magazines and all the beautiful houses seem to own one (or at least one). The Sapiens comes in 3 different heights and different colors and you can find it in several places, like here and here.

These were originally designed by Bruno Rainaldi, meaning the "proper one" is by Bruno Rainaldi and everything else are copies, or so they say, not taking sides, just pointing what other people say. Here is THE one, well if you can afford it, go definitely for it, I, unfortunately will have to find a more affordable version. 

Image: Boston Globe,Erin Gates house tour, from Elements of Style

These are from Michelle Adam's apartment, Michelle is the brain behind Rubie Green a beautiful company selling 100% organic cotton bedding and upholstery fabric and also behind Lonnie magazine. Check her  beautiful blog here.

You know this place?

Images: Design Sponge, M.A.Belle, Under My Roof 

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