Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Red Velvet

Today I'm making carrot cupcakes (for the 1st time...) I'll write later about it. I have been looking all around all weekend for the best (or at least a very good one) recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes (or cake). I really like how it looks (and tastes but mainly it's all about the looks). And after looking all around, I have mastered the red Velvet cake (well... only academic knowledge). According to some, it's debut was during American Civil War, when supposedly southern wives baked them to keep their husbands at home, nice story. Others say that it was born at the Waldorf Astoria in New York in the 1920's, a customer loved it and asked for the recipe, it costed her $100 (she gave the recipe to everyone she knew just to revenge for the price). Well whatever the story is, I love its looks and here are some of my favorite looking ones. I'll try to make the cupcakes version eventually this week or next and I'll keep you posted.
The Williams-Sonoma one, made especially by Perfect Endings , the famed Napa Valley bakery.

The Hummingbird Bakery  version, tried it: Yummy! By the way, here is the recipe to make this delight (scroll to page 2)!

The oh so famous Magnolia one. And here is the recipe (for cupcakes, but if you double the dose it will work for a 3 layer cake)

Oh! There's a great article on the New York Times about the glorious Red Velvet cake.

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  1. Hi Helena,
    Gracias por tu visita, asĂ­ me has permitido conocer tu maravilloso blog.
    I don't know where this recipe was born but it seems to be delicious. You should make photos of your cupcakes!


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