Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New York cushions

Cushions and paint are the best ways to quickly change the look of a room. I can't paint my walls as we are renting, and although our landlord is a lovely guy I really don't think he would be overall happy if i started painting here and there, so cushions it is!
I found these gorgeous ones from the Geography collection of Box Brownie trading , a UK store who makes really pretty stuff. These are hand stitched in 100%cotton with black velvet trim, they would make a sweet gift to anyone who loved traveling. They are pricey admittedly but if you can afford it they are super cute! They have New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Italy, England, so chose your favorite, and they also have tea towels, a lot more affordable if you can't the look in your kitchen :)

Designer Cushions have also some really nice ones, a friend of mine bought some and they look gorgeous in her living room. I was so jealous honestly. These are hand made in the UK in so so many designs. I really like the tapestry ones. 

And by the way, Box Bownie has some other incredible little (and not so little) things, like antique signs and enrgaved signs, I so want one of this (i feel all i say is WANT, WANT, WANT!)

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