Friday, December 11, 2009

Made By Girl, fav house, fav work

Yesterday (was it yesterday or was it today after midnight... hmmm) anyway, so yes, yesterday I blogged about Chez Larsson's house, I absolutely love it, so when I found the home office I JUST couldn't wait, it was too much for me, but to be honest I have been planning for weeks, to post some pictures first from Jennifer Ramos (from most gorgeous, inspiring and amazing Made by Girl ) house and work. I just love it, I can look at her house time after time and every time I love it more and more! It's fresh, daring, colorful, modern & classic, stylish... it's BRILLIANT! Jennifer paints (look at that Romeo and Juliet painting, oh I want one *sigh*), decorates (just look please at her house) and I assume cooks (?) I mean look at that incredible kitchen. Scroll down for more pictures of my most beloved blogger house.
And Made by Girl is her shop, oh what a shop ladies (and gents of course). There are cards, original poster and prints (want, want, want the I love Blogs... !) and prettiest art for kids (I need to work on this kids obsession I'm suffering lately- by the ABS print isn't helping). By the way, all the paper is recycled (nice & green!). Enjoy (I know I will -again!)

The bookcase under the stairs and the patio are both DIY results, brilliant?  And here is a sample of her work :)

Oh... I'm just loving it!

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