Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Le Creuset

I'm not sure what has taken me so long to blog about Le Creuset, by far my favourite thing in the kitchen! Anyway, today I have two great reason to write a bit about it!
Firstly, i just bought 3 petite casseroles.

The Garlic Petite Casserole Le Creuset. Garlic: helps prevent hearts attacks

The Green Pepper Petite Casserole Le Creuset. Green Pepper: brought by Columbus to Europe

The Red Pepper Petite Casserole Le Creuset. Red Pepper: also called paprika (uh?), chilli pepper ot sweet pepper... 

I love these little Le Creuset beauties, imagine how many little dishes you can make, I'm thinking potato gratin or even individual maccaroni cheese... yumy

Then the next reason I HAD to write about Le Creuset is the collaboration with Sanrio, yes, yes! Hello Kitty! Only two products, a mini Le Creuset cocotte and a tea cup and they are only sold in Japan (of course!) and... Colette! Are you visiting Paris any time soon? Go to Coleete! They  have a dedicated corner for Kitty's 35th Birthday! Only until the 5th of December though!

How cute are they?

Images from Macy's and

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  1. it's my favorite too. i can't get enough of le Crueset. i constantly use my french over, grill pan & fry pan. i swear things taste better when i cook with them.

    the petite casseroles are so cute. love them :)


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