Saturday, December 26, 2009

La vie en Rose

Hope you are all having a great Christmas day, I had some free time and I was thinking what I would like to add in my home for the new year... and I think I found it, more color, more pink!
Some time ago, I told you that I was looking for a pink pouffe. I still haven't found one, that suits my budget, I almost won one on Ebay... almost! Pink is such an easy color, and every girl lovs her pink so I'd love to put some pink in my life, I'm after the Jonathan Adler pink bathroom set, I think you know already, to add some -more- color in my bathroom (it will match the curtains too). But besides that, I WANT more pink and have to find a wa to bring it on board without terrorizing my BF... and his manhood... erm.. might be more difficult than what I thought at the beginning... well, might not be lucky but at least I have those trully inspirational images below that make me happyust to look at. La Vie en Rose I guess is not what was meant for me ;-)
Pink is not for kids and Barbies anymore, just don't over do it of course.


  1. I once told my husband that I want a pink living room someday, and he looked at me like I had just killed his puppy. So I guess that's a no :) I have managed to convince him to go with a deep pinkish red living room wall though!

    Found your blog through Decor8 - I'm loving it so far!

  2. omg this is so cute :)
    second picture is simply perfect :D


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