Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cool Kids Gifts

I have a beautiful GodDaughter who has 2 siblings, a little brother and a baby sister. All of them are under 4! When I call them, the two who speak wask for gifts -of course! they want dinosaurs with long necks, dolls with big heads and hello kittys -of course, again, they are kids. So every year, once or twice admittedly I try to ind the best gifts for them, the ones that will impress more and will make them happier. Here are some ideas :) actually no, here is what I would love to get them as a cool God Mother!

THE Meerkat Doll, who doesn't love Aleksander Orlov from the TV commercial of Comparethemarket? We all love him, kids and adults alike, and Harrods knows it creating a limited edition. Unfortunately the demand was so high that Mohammed Al Fayed, the Chairman, has decided that the best is to donate all the 5000 dolls to children's hospitals instead of selling them. Great great idea (but so many people, me included are going to be disappointed...)

These are also from Harrod's , a limited edition of ruby slippers to celebrate The Wizard of Oz's anniversary. I actually bought a pair of tiny ones for my Goddaughter and they have been lost in the post... will have to run to get a new pair before Christmas... OMG, just checked and are sold out... not happy....


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