Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Complicated

I am really excited, I just came back from watching It's complicated with my mom. A very sweet film with an amazing house and an amazing shop/bakery/restaurant. I know many bloggers have alreeady blogged about the house and I was really looking forward to watching it and it didn't disappoint honestly. The Santa Barbara early 1920s mediterranean style It's Complicated house is lush, Nancy Meyer said that as there were many indoor moments, she wanted the house to look good and Meryl Streep to look good in it, well, mission accomplished. The kitchen is to die for (why on earth does she want a new one?), the bathroom is as stunning and the garden is amazing. And the shop is a dream come true!

And they even bake chocolate croissants! And they make it look sooooo easy! How easy can it be? has anyone  ever made croissants? The gorgeous bakery  was influenced by everything from London’s Daylesford Organic to New York’s City Bakery and Dean & Deluca, among others.
And did you notice? Meryl Streep wears Louboutins all the time? :)
I'll have to watch again The Holiday and Something´s Gotta Give.


  1. LOVED that movie. And you're right, the house was amazing. I fell head over heels for that kitchen. It is my dream to have one similar.....some day :)

  2. What a fantastic film, I watched it not so long ago and I ended up fascinated with the ideology and the sequence of the story. Dialogues were mind-blowing too!


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