Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Heart Apriati

When I'm in Athens on of my mandatory stop is the jewelry shop Apriati . It's my must honestly and the best gift to give to my beloved friends, they all have loved it, even my other half has! I discovered Apriati some years ago through a greek friend, the mom of my lovely goddaughter, she was wearing these fine bracelets, it was a cord with a bizarre solver closure and a tiny semi precious stone, I was in love, I couldn't stop looking at her wrists, but it was too early in our relationship and I didn't dear asking. Later one day, she came back from a trip to Athens and presented me a tiny black box, I was excited, very excited, I had tried to emulate her beautiful delicate colorfoul bracelet with my craft skills, but it wasn't the result I was expecting. And there it was my first pink and orange candle waxed cord bracelet. I was hooked! 
Now Apriati has grown and they have 2 boutiques in Athens, 1 in trendy Mykonos and 1 in Paris, and they sell some of their collection in fashionable Browns in London. Apriati is the brainchild of  italian educated Athina Axioti and Themis Bobolas and their idea is to create luxurious pieces for casual wear, presonal luxury full of soul. Their diamonds are easy to wear and full of charm, and they rings, bracelets and necklaces are playful made of silver or gold. 
I wear these tiny bracelets since that day, and even a very good friend of mine asked me if I ever planned to remove them... I don't think so...

Shop in Paris

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  1. love apriati love your blog i follow you, elena


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