Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hunter Boots... for babies

I've said it before, I love kids and I have a beautiful Goddaughter aged almost 4. She has 2 siblings, an older boy almost 5 and a baby daughter 6 moths old, overall a gorgeous young family with super stylish parents. I always try to splurge the kids, you can't only get something for one and forget the others, especially at this stage of their life. Back to the point, sometime ago while walking around Notting Hill in London I saw in a shop window these tiny Hunter boots, oh my! they looked so cool I thought: Christmas gift! I thought these would make her smile, she is very fashion conscious mind you, I don't think she has any idea what Hunter boots are but for sure she will like them. Look how cool Matilda Ledger looks below! 
I bought a pair for myself a couple of years ago, I thought they would be a necessity in London with the rain and you know all the stories you think to convince yourself you NEED something, well I never wore them somehow, so a year later I sold them to a colleague who was in urgent need for an outdoor music festival in moody rural England. No hard feelings but I still think I NEED a pair (you know... the weather...). And Hunter has these amazing photos!

Images: Babble, Milkshop, Hunter

Update on 03/01/10: SHE HATED THE BOOTS :( She only fancies Hello Kitty stuff. Moral lesson: get what the kids want, not what YOU want :)


  1. Hi, just found you through tea for joy! love the blog. I am hoping 2010 will be the year I FINALLY get myself some wellies.

  2. Those colours are lovely. This made me smile as I had to buy a pair of boots yesterday! We didn't used to have snow like this in London! Talk about global WARMING hehe.

  3. Hi again! In response to your comment about cameras - I've had the same problem for years and finally bought a new one this month. It's a Lumix FS15 and cost £125 from Amazon. I just wish I'd bought one before - I've been suffering for ages with a rubbish camera that only takes blurry photos.

  4. The boots would look so cute on a little girl!

    I came by to welcome you SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  5. I've also been meaning to buy wellies for years, but instead I have wet feet!

    Those Hunter photos are gorgeous!

  6. Preciosas las fotos!!!Yo tb quiero unas!!

  7. I love Huter, too.
    And last year I found gold ones...just right for Christmas.
    Want to see a pic?
    Warm smile from cold Germany


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