Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gran Florida

Here is a post of something I will most likely never ever enjoy, a night at the Gran Hotel  La Florida in Barcelona, mainly because I have my home there so to me unfortunately it doesn't make sense... but to ne honest... I might have to make an exception eventually. This is a  luxurious hotel with probably the best views over the city, the Florida has great history too, it has been there standing since 1925 originally built with the dream to be a fine hotel, during the civil war it became a military hospital. During the 1950s it became a favorite amongst the Catalan bourgeoisie, and Ernest Hemingway, James Stewart, Rock Hudson and european royals were among its visitors. The interior is the owrk of Dale Keller and his wife Patricia and has only 70 rooms and suites which probably makes you feel like in a secluded paradise. The sunday brunch at L'Orangerie is one of the best in the city and the views, oh my! the views over the most gorgeous city are amazing (sorry it's my city so I'm allowed to go over the top here).  

What do you think? Would you enjoy staying here? I know I would!

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