Thursday, December 17, 2009

(Disco) Dancing **in Vintage**

For many many years I've been obsessed with A dress. And I'm really talking about YEARS! It comes and goes, I think about it and go back to just see it, I think about it and I'm really confident that eventually i will have it (probably not... bye bye confidence in matters of seconds!)
i found the dress during my Vintage obsession (absolutely crazy, from 60's vintage Lilly Pulitzers to 50's Suzy Perette and some 70's pieces... crazy let me tell you, now I have these some pieces and look at them... but I must admit I really enjoyed wearing my Lillys a handful times). I stomped across this amazing vintage site Posh Vintage and across a beautiful Joy Stevens 1970's evening dress, that was it, LOVE! And tonight I went back to see if my love is still waiting for me (yes it is there, waiting patiently for me to make up my mind) and discovered some other Joy Stevens great dresses, sexy, playful and yet with a dose of elegance... 

My Love

**And the others**

Don't you feel like disco dancing in one of these? i'm even loving the patterned one... I'm scared

(Cant find any real information about Joy Stevens I have no idea who he was)


  1. These are beautiful!! My favourite is the last one - it's a really unusual colour and I love the shape :)

  2. wuau!son preciosos, no se con cual de ellos me quedarĂ­a!!

  3. definitely! all are so beautiful! difficult choice dekorating, maybe (if i could afford them) all?? :)
    rebecca, the last one was one of my first choices, very versatile and wearable!


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