Monday, December 28, 2009

A classic Adler

We all know, that almost all Jonathan Adler is impecably chic and tasteful. It's chic, fun, colorful and easy on the eye. His pottery and pillows are great details that will bring life to any home. I'm just amazed with everything he does and I'm so excited with this amazing house he decirated using all his trademarks. Pale and vivid colors at the same time, iconic pieces that scream his name, needlepoint cushions and all the extras. Jonathan Adler here has designed an amazing house that is chic and functional, playful and flamboyant. This is the house of Liz Lange in the New York countryside, this is a house by Jonathan Adler.

I'm NOT loving the bed curtains but the overall result is gorgeous and that huge ottoman is a beauty. My favorites? The sunroo swing and the classic Warren Platner dinning table. And the Joy needlepoint pillow!


  1. wow! I love these spaces. So bright and colorful and cheery! Great blog - following you now!

  2. There's a Jonathan Adler store in Santa Monica (CA) near where I live and I always see amazing things in there. Too bad it's SO very expensive!

  3. Ok, the swing with the bar tray set up next to it! I'm there!


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