Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Candle time!

Who doesn't like candles? The smell, the atmosphere... I love them and especially do when they give a nice scent to my house, I also love for that matter fragrance oils, I do oh yes, purr some water, add some drops and the house will smell incredible for hours (just be careful, don't forget it... it might eventually explode as mine did...).
As far as candles goes, I love the smell yes, but I also love the packaging (sight is my main sense... shallow? maybe, I just think it's nature). So here are my most beloved ones:

- Figuier by Diptyque (and I recently discovered that they also have travel? mini? anyway, smaller versions, cute!)
- I love Voluspa for their packaging, and that's how I choose them.
- Archipelago monogram candle, H or N, I have been luring it for years and still never bought it. 
- Just for the sake of it I really would love the Jonathan Andler Barbie candle, the girl in me would be so happy (I also want (want, want, want) his hot pink lacquared bathroom collection, badly). 
- Seda France. Oh My! have your seen their exotic packaging? That's all I have to say.
- I went to Athropologie the other week (what can I say about Anhropologie? I went absolutely crazy when I was in SFO!) and I really really loved the pon-pon candle they had just next to the main door. The only problem is that there were so many smells around the store that my over sensitive nose had to leave asap.  I can't find it now on the website... but you know which one I mean, do you?
 - And finally (last but not least) all time favorites is cheap Ikea vanilla block candle, yes! they smell divinely and are cheap and last forever. 

And when it comes to oils, for me the best are the ones from Body Shop, get a nice burner and you are ready. I favor White Musk (of course), Very Vanilla and Spa Wisdom. These are great honestly, all the flat smells amazingly!
Do you like candles? Oil fragances? which ones? I'd love to hear some suggestions :)


  1. I adore vanilla.. I like vanilla everything (especially perfume)! I'll look out for the Ikea vanilla candle next time I'm there. I used to burn candles quite often but now I have a cat I worry she will burn her whiskers!! I'll just have to make sure I put the candles out of her reach :)

  2. You definitely have to try them, it's the most affordable treat! Thanks for coming back Rebecca! I really enjoyed your Eames series! so different than everything out there!

  3. Hi there. Dropping by from SITS to say, "hello". Have you tried the "Frasier Fir" candle from Thymes? http://www.thymes.com/ProductDetail.aspx?nodeid=57576&parentnodeid=2037&productid=57550
    I find it divine! Best wishes in 2010.

    Kindest regards,


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