Friday, September 11, 2009

Secret gardens

I have a huge vase at home that looks like a wine glass, do not ask how I got it as the story is embarrassing to be shared, anyway, so of course there are no flowers or plants in it, and its seating on my dressing table full with colourful necklaces and bracelets. Now though I stomped across "terrariums", HOW GORGEOUS are they! And apparently it's easy easy to build/create one, cookie mag has instructions and claims that
even a 4 year old can make... well then it can't be THAT difficult, here are the instructions.
These here are gorgeous, and I actually have a couple of these vases, of course they are in my kitchen and there is no way I will use them, I wish Ikea kept making these!

I will have to dig and find something similar, even thought to be honest I would rather make an "open roof" terrarium, it doesn't seem right to shut the poor plants in a closed recipient. This one below is more what I'm thinking about, great inspiration found at Martha Stewart Weddings.

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