Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Massimo Vignelli

2010 is fast aproaching! Oh My! Time goes by so so quickly! I've spent the afternoon looking around deco blogs, I´m so envious of all these beautiful ideas, all these beautiful renovations and all these amazing apartments.
And I found what I was looking for, well actually I found way too many things I want, need, covet! What I'm loving now are these visually penetrating calendars by Massimo Vignelli, I am really impressed with the big big one that Anna has in her living room in Door Sixteen.

Anna even kept the old month pages and used them for gift wrapping her Christmas presents. Eye candy! I looked around the net, googled, searched all the forums but I think they are not selling them in the UK, disappointment? of course but there is always a solutions to almost everything... and that is the Lollipop Shoppe´s Vignelli Max 365. Somehow I still prefer the big one and it would be so nice on a brick wall like the one we had on our previous apartment, not so sure how it would look on our white walls...

(Image from Pottery Barn)


  1. Hi!
    Would you please leave a comment on my music blog? It would be very nice of you. :)

    Nice oven btw.


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