Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loving Shu Uemura & Moyoco Anno

I have always, well not exactly ALWAYS, but since a very long time, loved loved loved Shu Uemura cleaning oils, after trekking the markets for the perfect cleanser, make up (and mascara!) remover this was a little treasure found! I'v always coveted those beautiful bottles with pretty designs but never got around to get one... until yesterday when in the shop (with little Kokeshi Dolls splattered around, more about that later) I couldnt manage to resist the big bottle with the beautiful Moyoco Anno drawings... So I did a bit of research. Moyoco Anno writes about fashion and draws japanese manga (which to be fair im not much into it, so dont have much knowledge) BUT these Shu Uemura Bottles are exquisite! Just little beauties that I wish I could afford (or need) to have them all. 
While researching I found some of her work, so fashionable and feminine. Very different from all the manga I remember of my early days! Back to Shu, this is a playful collection, no difference to the perfect product just an amazingly new packaging that inspires and perfectly works with Shu Uemura perfection. 

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